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From "Paibir, Ajay" <>
Subject RE: Configuring coloc as policy/feature.
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2007 17:55:46 GMT

Thanks Dan,
Got the coloc systest working by adding in the interceptors through
Feature. I will aim for writing a custom  BeanDefinitionParser to get
something like <cxf:EnableColoc/>


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From: Dan Diephouse [] 
Sent: 25 April 2007 17:29
Subject: Re: Configuring coloc as policy/feature.

Hi Ajay,

I think the easiest thing would be to just configure a feature. Here's
the simplest feature around, the logging feature

It just adds interceptors to the client/server. You can also override
initialize(Client, Bus) or initialize(Server, Bus) if you want to
customize those objects specifically instead of just their

You can then plugin this in pretty easily via XML:

     <bean class="org.apachce.cxf.binding.coloc.ColocFeature"/>

Or if you're feeling ambitious you could write a BeanDefinitionParser
for it as well to get something like <cxf:coloc/>.

I think the system test that tests the features stuff is called
InlineAddressingPolicyTest. It also includes inline Policy references in
addition to its use of the logging feature.

- Dan

On 4/25/07, Paibir, Ajay <> wrote:
> Dan,
> To configure coloc as a policy , a coloc assertion is required.
> Now how can the similar thing be done using the feature stuff?
> Any system tests which I can have a look at.
> Ajay

Dan Diephouse
Envoi Solutions |

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