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From Andrea Smyth <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release CXF 2.0-incubator-RC
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2007 10:17:24 GMT
[-0] because IMO some of the features that are advertised below should 
be more complete, specifically:

* There is no demo/sample for the WS-Policy framework, which I think is 
important as it's a complex feature. 
* There are already many ways to configure certain behaviour 
(programatically, policy, ws-feature, plain Spring);  I feel that we 
should at least restrict the different ways to inject properties of 
complex type - i.e. get rid of the use of any remaining property editors 
(and use a plain application context) before we make a big fuss about 
supporting Spring 2.0 config syntax.
* We had many JIRA issues reported recently about demos not working but 
I have not seen corresponding mails reporting the issues as fixed. For a 
release I'd prefer them all working.


Daniel Kulp wrote:

>This is a vote to release CXF 2.0-incubator-RC.     This release is a 
>major step forward from M1. This release includes following new
>features and enhancement:
>    * WS-policy framework
>    * WS-Security
>    * HTTP transport enhancements
>    * Aegis databinding support
>    * Configuration refactoring and improvement, including support of
>      Spring 2.0 config syntax
>    * Tooling (mainly wsdl2java, java2wsdl) refactoring and improvements
>    * Many JAX-WS issues fixes  (still not tck compliant yet)
>    * Many other JIRA issues and code cleanup
>    * MUCH MUCH more
>The staging area is at:
>The distros are in the "distro" directory.
>The "maven" directory contains the stuff that will by pushed to the 
>This release is tagged at:
>Here is my +1.   The vote will be open here for 72 hours.

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