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From Polar Humenn <>
Subject Easymock
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2007 15:44:01 GMT
I have a question about EasyMock.

I'm trying to get (some of) the EasyMock'd tests to work using Eclipse. 
After substantial wrangling, I find that there is an easymock-2.2.jar 
and an easymockclassextension-2.2.1.jar!

This threw me for a loop because every time I tried something like:


it would die with " is not an interface" 
coming from this call.

I find out that the static class EasyMock is shadowed by 

I'm using the Maven2 Eclipse plugin and it puts the easymock-2.2.jar in 
front of the easymockclassextension-2.2.1.jar, and therefore, I get the 
EasyMock from easymock-2.2.jar, and thus the error.

Is the Maven2 plug-in doing the wrong thing in setting up the classpath?
Or, with Maven proper, are we just getting lucky?

Is there an enforced ordering for maven retrieval of jar files?


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