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From Polar Humenn <>
Subject Re: Backdoors
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2007 18:59:00 GMT
Dan Diephouse wrote:
> Hi Polar,
> On 4/2/07, Polar Humenn <> wrote:
>> Hi Dan,
>> I was wondering if you could answer me a question. I'm writing a systest
>> for HTTP/S. Setting up servers always is a problem, because I never know
>> where things are coming from. So, maybe you can straighten me out where
>> things have to be.
>> I have placed a "greeting.wsdl" file in
>> test-classes/org/apache/cxf/transport/http/resources/ and use that in
>> the client side in new SOAPService(getResource("resources/greeting.wsdl,
>> serviceName).
>> However, setting up the servers I now keep getting something that isn't
>> working (i did an svn update). Now, my wsdl which has a target namespace
>> of "" cant seem to be found from the
>> JaxWsServerFactoryBean.createBindingInfo() call.
> Any chance you can attach your test case and/or wsdl?
> It appears to me that there is an elaborate namespace search going on
>> somewhere, but I haven't a clue what backdoor it's going through. 
>> insight?
> createBindingInfo attempts to look up a BindingFactory based on the
> namespace of the binding in the wsdl. It then uses this to create a 
> Binding
> object.
> Also, something gets generated, but I don't know when, and merely that
>> this was working before, means I did something unconventional and forgot
>> about it, and/or that they are generated in a standard place I don't
>> know about and perhaps it was just conincidental and now changed.  Could
>> this be in "testutils"?
> I'm lost... are you wondering where your client is being generated? 

You're not the only one! :)

I'm not really talking about the client. I'm talking about the 
server/Endpoint side.
I though I had to pay attention to the  annotations in the, which is also attached. My server is brought up by the 
code in, also attached.

> you added the wsdl to testutils, then yes thats where its being 
> generated.
> Although you seem to have your wsdl in the http module itself?

Well, I do, because that's the only place I am under the impression I 
can definitively find it in the code using a 

I imagine, if I have things with different namespaces, I might have to 
get Maven to generate these things with a wsdl2java tool.

My question is, what are the locations are these things picked up at, 
and how do I get any assurance that I'm not picking up somebody elses 
definitions? Or that I'm overriding, stepping on, some other important 

> I have a specific greeting.wsdl, because I only wanted to implement a
>> minimal "Greeter", and I have addressing information in the wsdl file,
>> which seems like the only way I can get the right thing configured with
>> a service.getPort(QName,class);
> What were you doing before?

It just worked. I was mystified.

> - Dan

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