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From Fred Dushin <>
Subject Re: <jaxws:client> createdFromAPI attribute
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2007 17:47:32 GMT

Dan, is what you are proposing that we have the config along the  
lines of:

<http:conduit id="{}SoapPort">

as opposed to

<http:conduit id="{} 

(and similarly for http:destination)?

I was wondering about this, myself, as I was re-factoring some of my  
SSL config to use the new config syntax (Yes, I'm that late).

I like the idea of removing the "-conduit"/"-designation" designators  
in the id fields, when the Element effectively already encodes the  
role of the element -- I agree, it seems redundant, and if that is  
the proposal, then I think it would be more succinct if we removed it.

Not sure how this affects migration.  Apparently, there are already  
significant changes in the config between 1.0 and 2.0, so now is the  
time to do, IMO.  Cut the cord while you can, right?


On Apr 24, 2007, at 1:12 PM, Dan Diephouse wrote:

> And yet one other thing, I didn't do this for conduits/ 
> destinations. Maybe
> we should though? Since they already have .http-conduit/.http- 
> destination
> appended to them, we could do it in a way such that it was backward
> compatible.
>> >
>> > As appending .jaxws-client to each ID seemed rather redundant, I  
>> opted
>> > for choice #1. From here there were two choices:
>> > 1. Automatically change the id if abstract=true
>> > 2. Create some other mechanism to automatically change the id -  
>> i.e.
>> > createdFromAPI = true

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