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From Fred Dushin <>
Subject PROPOSAL: Standard attributes on a Message to signal interceptor "mode"
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2007 14:50:30 GMT
This is a followup on a brief exchange on the IRC channel

I am writing a collection of interceptors, and I am finding it very  
useful to know:

   1. Whether my interceptor is servicing a request in the context of  
an inbound or outbound message
   2. Whether my interceptor is resident in the client or server side  
of an invocation

 From the sample code, I understand that to compute 1, one does  
something like:

final boolean isOutbound =
     message == message.getExchange().getOutMessage()
     || message == message.getExchange().getOutFaultMessage();

And from the discussion on #cxf, to compute 2., one does something  
semantically equivalent:

final boolean isClient =
     Boolean.TRUE.equals((tmp = msg.get(Message.REQUESTOR_ROLE)) !=  
null ? tmp : Boolean.FALSE);

All that is fine, but couldn't we do a little better?  For example, I  
found I had to write something like this in my own code, just so I  
could do a simple (and efficient) switch, to determine the context I  
live in:

      enum Mode {

         OUTBOUND_CLIENT((byte) 0x00),
         OUTBOUND_SERVER((byte) 0x10),
         INBOUND_CLIENT((byte) 0x01),
         INBOUND_SERVER((byte) 0x11);

         private static final byte DIRECTION_MASK = 0x01;
         private static final byte SIDE_MASK = 0x10;

         private final byte mode;

         Mode(byte mode) {
             this.mode = mode;

         public final boolean
         isOutbound() {
             return (mode & DIRECTION_MASK) == 0;

         public final boolean
         isInbound() {
             return !isOutbound();

         public final boolean
         isClient() {
             return (mode & SIDE_MASK) == 0;

         public final boolean
         isServer() {
             return !isClient();

Would this be a welcome addition to the Message interface?  We could  
modify MessageImpl to require a mode at construction time.  The only  
disadvantage to this approach is that all Message creators would need  
to know the mode in which the message is being created.  Are there  
any cases in which this is not known?


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