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From Fred Dushin <>
Subject Re: Programatically installing interceptors per (Bus|Service|Endpoint)
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2007 09:48:49 GMT
Thank you, Jervis and Andrea.

I think probably the last part of Andrea's response comes closest to  
the sort of thing I need:

> You can also have an interceptor installed at bus level which, when  
> executing, adds further interceptors to the chain, possibly on a  
> per message basis. This is done for example in  

(Jervis, I see what the code you referenced is doing, but does an  
ordinary developer like myself have a hook into the creation of an  
Endpoint?  The code you reference seems to be a special case of  
installing a BindingFactory into an Endpoint, which is part of the  
CXF plumbing.  I'm looking for something more in userland, as they  
say.  Unless I'm missing something -- please correct me if I am.)

The issue is that I want to programatically install these  
interceptors from plugin (i.e., spring-loaded) code, but it looks  
like there's really no way to do that.  Andrea's solution (if I  
understand it -- apologies if I'm being thick) is to install an  
interceptor during the servicing of a request, which works, though  
I'd hoped I could avoid that sort of overhead -- it's something I  
really only need to do once, at the point at which the operative  
InterceptorProvider is being set-up or established.

Also, if interceptors are being added in the course of servicing a  
request, does one have to take special care of thread-safety issues?   
I understand the InterceptorProvider returns you a List by reference,  
not a copy, so you are free to add, delete, traverse elements, etc.   
But if you're in the context of a request, is there any mechanism to  
lock access to the interceptor list, so that someone else in your  
application with the same devious plan won't walk over the same data  
at the same time?  Am I completely missing something about the  
architecture, here?  It seems like modifying an interceptor list in  
flight has ConcurrentModification exceptions written all over it.


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