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From Fred Dushin <>
Subject Programatically installing interceptors per (Bus|Service|Endpoint)
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2007 21:02:28 GMT
I understand that CXF provides APIs for installed interceptors  
through the InterceptorProvider interface, which the Bus, Endpoint,  
and Service types all extend (among other types).

Suppose I want to create, via configuration, some sort of CXF plugin  
(I hesitate to call this an interceptor, for reasons which should  
become obvious).  The purpose of this plugin is to install  
interceptors programatically into the call chain.

I can see how to do this using a reference to a Bus -- e.g., I can  
spring-load the plugin I want to install, and wire it up to the Bus  
-- common pattern.  And from there, I can get access to the Bus-level  
InterceptorProvider, since the Bus extends that type.

That would work in the case where I want my plugin to install these  
interceptors globally, i.e, for all services and endpoints in a Bus;   
however, suppose I want to install my interceptors at a finer level  
of granularity, e.g., per endpoint.  Is there a way for my plugin,  
which seems to be loaded at Bus initialization time, to get a handle  
on the Service or Endpoint (which also implement InterceptorProvider)  
for which it is (or counterfactually would be) configured?  Is this  
an envisioned pattern?  Or is there some other sort of interceptor I  
don't know of, e.g, which hooks into Service or Endpoint creation?


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