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From "Liu, Jervis" <>
Subject RE: Programatically installing interceptors per (Bus|Service|Endpoint)
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2007 02:57:55 GMT
Hi Fred, 

Not sure if I understand your question correctly. If what you want is to instantiate and install
interceptors per service/endpoint/binding, for example, you may have a strategy that can load
different interceptors depending on a specific binding property, yes surely you can do this. shows how SOAP binding specific interceptors are loaded.


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> From: Fred Dushin []
> Sent: 2007?3?21? 5:02
> To:;
> Subject: Programatically installing interceptors per 
> (Bus|Service|Endpoint)
> I understand that CXF provides APIs for installed interceptors  
> through the InterceptorProvider interface, which the Bus, Endpoint,  
> and Service types all extend (among other types).
> Suppose I want to create, via configuration, some sort of CXF plugin  
> (I hesitate to call this an interceptor, for reasons which should  
> become obvious).  The purpose of this plugin is to install  
> interceptors programatically into the call chain.
> I can see how to do this using a reference to a Bus -- e.g., I can  
> spring-load the plugin I want to install, and wire it up to the Bus  
> -- common pattern.  And from there, I can get access to the 
> Bus-level  
> InterceptorProvider, since the Bus extends that type.
> That would work in the case where I want my plugin to install these  
> interceptors globally, i.e, for all services and endpoints in 
> a Bus;   
> however, suppose I want to install my interceptors at a finer level  
> of granularity, e.g., per endpoint.  Is there a way for my plugin,  
> which seems to be loaded at Bus initialization time, to get a handle  
> on the Service or Endpoint (which also implement 
> InterceptorProvider)  
> for which it is (or counterfactually would be) configured?  Is this  
> an envisioned pattern?  Or is there some other sort of interceptor I  
> don't know of, e.g, which hooks into Service or Endpoint creation?
> Thanks!
> -Fred

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