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From Bernd Schuller <>
Subject Re: Support for stateful services in CXF
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2007 13:13:09 GMT
Hi Gary,

thanks a lot for your reply.

Tully, Gary wrote:
> Only yesterday I started to investigate providing simple support for a
> single instance service that can represent many WS-addressing
> identities. 
> What I am after at the moment is a simpler version of what is supported
> by @Stateful in the JAX-WS RI. The only state is a unique-id that is
> encapsulated in the WS-Address.

That looks like a starting point...


> At the moment I am capturing the FactoryPattern use-case as a system
> test in order to provide a starting proof-point for an implementation.
> The use of WS-Context (thanks Sergey) or HTTP session information as a
> means of determining unique id would be neat but I think this is
> orthogonal.


> From a WS-RF point of view, what are the usage scenarios that you will
> need? Do they lend them selves to capture as system tests?

The basic scenario is approximately
  - allow for instance creation on a stateful service, for example using a
    Factory service
  - deal with state, e.g. persist instances to some permanent storage
  - manage instance lifecycle, manage their lifetime, destroy them
  - allow clients to access instances by EPR / WS-Addressing
This can be captured by system tests, I guess.

> Like you, I am learning as I go here, so any input is appreciated,
> especially your ideas on improving @Stateful and your experiences doing
> something similar with Xfire.

My main improvements on the JAX-WS RI @Stateful would be to try and make the
whole instance resolving process, instance lifecycle management and EPR creation
much more flexible, and give more control to the application programmer.
Of course all this should fit in as nicely as possible in the CXF environment,
which I unfortunately don't know much about yet...

In my XFire implementation, things were fairly easy, because I could hook into the mechanism
that XFire uses to get the service object (the Invoker). Figure out the unique id from the
message context, re-create the requested service instance from permanent storage, restore
its state,
and invoke the operation.

Maybe something similar can be done in CXF.

> As I am only starting on my quest for a design, you may as well give it
> a try from your perspective. We can swap ideas or experiences to come up
> with a working solution. It need not be a race :-)


Thanks, and best regards,

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>> I was wondering about whether you think it is a good idea to 
>> add support for stateful services to CXF.

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