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From Andrea Smyth <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Client and Conduit changes
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2007 12:36:11 GMT

> 5. Client Configuration
> I would propose that we make the decoupled destination configuration 
> part of
> the Client
> <jaxws:client id="...SomePort">
>  <jaxws:asynchronousEndpoint>
>    <wsa:Address>http://my.decoupled/endpoint</wsa:Address>
>  </jaxws:asynchronousEndpoint>
> </jaxws:client>
> <jaxws:client id="...SomePort">
> <jaxws:asynchronousDestination><http:destination...></jaxws:asynchronousDestination>

> </jaxws:client>
> As an added bonus, we can now wire together clients and destinations 
> however
> we want. I wouldn't *have* to create a <conduit> config element with the
> port name inside it. Instead I could simply do:
> <jaxws:client id="...SomePort">
>   <jaxws:conduit> <http:conduit... /> </jaxws:conduit>
> </jaxws:client>
> It also creates a central place to embed Client configuration - such as
> enabling MTOM or configuring WS-*:
> <jaxws:client id="...SomePort">
>   <jaxws:conduit>...</jaxws:conduit>
>   <jaxws:binding mtomEnabled="true">
>     <jaxws:requestContext>
>       <map><entry key="" 
> value="true"/></map>
>     </jaxws:requestContext>
>   </jaxws:binding>
>   <jaxws:features>
>     <wsrm:reliability timeout="10000" .../>
>   </jaxws:features>
> </jaxws:client>

What is the connection between the <wsrm:reliability> element and the 
RMAssertion? Is the timeout attribute in <wsrm:reliability> element 
synonymous with the InactivityTimeout in the RMAssertion?
I would like to see the above way of configuring WS-* features in sync 
with the configuration of these features as envisaged in their resp. 
specs, both at the data level (i.e. reuse of the RMAssertion type for 
example) and for aggregation purposes (use WS-Policy to specify 
optionalities, requirements, express alternatives etc.).
Why not allow <wsp:Policy 
xmlns:wsp=""> child elements in 

BTWwhat is actually jaxws specific about these features - or the 
client/conduit injection for that matter? It should be possible to 
inject a conduit into any kind of client (and configure its WS-* 
features) - JAXWS or not.


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