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From Andrea Smyth <>
Subject Re: Release Update
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2007 08:50:18 GMT
Hi Dan,

Outstanding issues for WS-RM (e.g. persistence) and WS-Policy make the 
March 30th target seem a bit unlikely from my point of view. And these 
issues do not include documentation. Especially for WS-Policy we will 
need a development guide to help users develop domain specific assertions.
If we are not aiming at another milestone but a real CXF release, I 
would prefer these features being more rounded off if not altogether 
completed rather than come up with many restrictions in READMEs - it 
will give a better overall impression IMO.


Dan Diephouse wrote:

> Hi folks,
> We're getting to the point that I think we're closing in on our next
> release. So I'd like to recap the big issues that are outstanding that I
> see:
> - WS-Security & SecureConversation & Trust - I would really really 
> like to
> see us be able to support this for interop with WCF.
> - Tooling refactoring
>  (this includes cleanup of java2wsdl in runtime, I want to see wsdl
> generation using the service model from our service factories before a
> release)
> - JAX-WS TCK Testing (see below)
> - CXF-28: Nice XML - we should finish moving away from our property 
> editors
> to spring 2.0 handlers
> - We have no service routing story or examples
> - schema duplication in common/metacode?
> - Other open JIRAs
> We are also in BIG need of documentation. Specifically:
> - Using Spring 2.0 config syntax
> - HTTP Transport
> - WS-RM
> - WS-Policy
> - XFire migration docs
> - Using Aegis databinding
> - Using WSDL2Java & Java2WSDL in Maven & Ant
> At this point I see the following features probably being pushed to 2.1:
> - WSDL 2.0 support
> - XMLBeans support (this may or may not be possible to integrate in as 
> part
> of the Aegis module, the big question is tooling - any volunteers?)
> - Any other WS-* work
> Re: JAX-WS - Can someone do some legwork and check if Apache will let 
> us do
> a 2.0 final release without passing the TCK? Then we can focus on passing
> the TCK for 2.1. This would involve starting a discussion on
> general@incubator. If we are positioning ourselves as just a JAX-WS
> implementation I can see how they wouldn't let us do release. But I think
> there are a lot of uses which don't center around JAX-WS that we focus 
> on.
> For instance, there are a lot of XFire users who aren't using the JAX-WS
> features and so I would like to get them migrating ASAP so I can 
> consolidate
> bug fixes in one place. As long as we're clear that compliance is not
> claimed we should be ok.
> What other items do people see?
> I think we should target starting a vote by March 30th, but we have a 
> fair
> amount to do before then I think you can see. Please claim any JIRA 
> issues
> you intend to tackle so its easier to see who is planning on working on
> what. I'm incredibly excited to get a new release out. CXF is looking 
> great
> and its time for the world to really start using it!
> (BTW, I am focusing in on the security specifications this week unless
> someone else wants to volunteer. I could definitely spend some more 
> time on
> routing or Aegis instead)
> - Dan

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