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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: HTTP2 [was Re: Accessing Connection-based info from the transport]
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2007 03:40:09 GMT

I just ran the systest by replacing the HTTP module with HTTP2 module. 
The MAPTest  and NonDecoupledTest all passed.
I don't know if someone had fixed them, or it is related to move the 
test to JUnit4.
Anyway we can move on to HTTP2.

I will commit a change of pom to use the HTTP2 instead of HTTP and build 
a kit test of it.
If there is not any objection of replacing HTTP with  HTTP2,
I will remove HTTP and switch HTTP2 module to HTTP in the next couple days.



Dan Diephouse wrote:

> On 3/12/07, Glynn, Eoghan <> wrote:
>> BTW you're preaching to the converted on the issue of the duplication
>> across http and http2. I've been moaning on this list about the obvious
>> maintenance issues since this was first committed, and I've suggested
>> several times that it be removed from the mainline to a branch. I just
>> noticed that this issue has been made even worse recently, when the
>> servlet transport was decoupled from the JAX-WS module (a good thing in
>> itself), but then duplicated to both http and http2 ... Arghhh!
> AFAIK we have one issue outstanding with WS-A and HTTP2 yet. Did you or
> anyone else get a chance to look at it?
> I say we delete http now and switch to http2. We can then fix the broken
> test or two over the next couple days. This is causing too much pain 
> for it
> to continue IMO.
> - Dan

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