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From "Jarek Gawor" <>
Subject Re: CXF-440
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2007 04:32:15 GMT

Great. All the things you mentioned sound good to me. At the end, I
don't care how the patch gets refactored as long as the functionality
is there :)


On 2/28/07, Daniel Kulp <> wrote:
> Jarek,
> On Wednesday 28 February 2007 13:39, Jarek Gawor wrote:
> > I just submitted I
> > would appreciate if somebody could review it, comment on it, etc. or
> > possibly commit if it looks alright. One thing I'm unsure of is what
> > is the best way to pass a custom catalog around (as I need in Geronimo
> > an explicit way to do so).
> Thanks a TON for looking into the catelog stuff.   It's been kind of on my
> todo list.   You picking up the start of it is GREAT!
> It's definitely not "complete" yet, but I'm going to commit your patch
> almost as is as it's a good starting point.  We'll need to address a few
> issues:
> 1) I changed it to using the 1.2 version of xml-resolver.   The pom for 1.1
> is very minimal which results in an ugly notice file.   The tests run fine
> with 1.2.
> 2) I'm uncomfortable with the loading of jax-ws-catalog.xml files in core.
> That filename is a jax-ws spec thing and thus belongs in the jaxws
> frontend.  Most likely, be default, we'd search for "cxf-catalog.xml" and
> the default "xcatalog" files, but the frontends could register additional
> names to search for.
> 3) I think we want to define a CatalogManager interface in cxf-api that
> manages the catalogs, or at least the global level settings such as the
> names of the files to search for.   It could also cache the Catalogs based
> on the ClassLoader or similar to help processing later.
> --
> J. Daniel Kulp
> Principal Engineer
> P: 781-902-8727    C: 508-380-7194

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