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From James Mao <>
Subject Re: JMS address wsdl extension
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2007 13:04:45 GMT
Hi Ulhas,

It's the \cxf\rt\transports\jms\src\main\resources\schemas\wsdl\jms.xsd
Previous tools has it's own wsdl jms extensions, since we are re-using 
the wsdldefinition builder in the rt, we have to use the same schema.

I really doubt if JMSAddressPolicyType still exist,  i guess its been 
replaced by AddressType,

But i found UseMessageIDAsCorrelationID and DurableSubscriberName is in  
java/org/apache/cxf/transport/jms/ not in 
AddressType, is it belongs to AddressType?
"jndiProviderURL" is missing, which i think should also in AddressType.

I just check the log, we do change the schema and jms lot.

I mean if we really dont' need those attributes, then i'll remove the 
according arguments in wsdl2service tool. if we do need, then we have to 
add to the jms.xsd. and generate the correct wsdl extensions


Ulhas wrote:
> Hi James,
> Can you be more specific on which schemas you are referring to? 
> DestinationStyle is in JMSAddressPolicyType.
> UseMessageIDAsCorrelationID & DurableSubscriberName are in
> JMSServerBehaviorPolicyType.
> jndiProviderURL and initialContextFactory is missing which should have
> been into JMSAddressPolicyType. I just had a look at the code in
> JMSProviderHub which calls onto the JMSUtils.getInitialContext()and it
> looks like these properties are no longer taken from the WSDL extensor
> directly as attributes but come from the name-value pairs properties in
> the WSDL Extensor. 
> I did the initial work with JMS in celtix land but don't know all the
> changes that happened in CXF so may be missing something but my feeling
> is the changes must have been made to generalize the mechanism of
> getting connection to work with differences in getting connection
> brokers address via generic properties that goes into environment for
> getting initialContext.
> Regards,
> Ulhas Bhole
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> From: James Mao [] 
> Sent: 12 February 2007 02:13
> To:
> Subject: JMS address wsdl extension
> Hi,
> I'm working on porting wsdl2service from tools to tools2, i have reused
> the wsdldefinition builder in the rt.
> But i found that the jms extension schema is not consist with the one in
> tools.
> Several address extensions are lost. e.g DestinationStyle
> jndiProviderURL initialContextFactory UseMessageIDAsCorrelationID
> DurableSubscriberName
> I'm not jms expert, so i would like ask our jms guru, if those
> attributes are needed any more?
> BTW, the namespace in jms.xsd is,
> and we use the jms.xjb to change the namespace to 
> Is it necessary?  why not use 
> directly in jms.xsd?
> Thanks,
> James.

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