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From Polar Humenn <>
Subject Re: HTTPClientPolicy
Date Sun, 11 Feb 2007 16:27:04 GMT

Thanks for the prompt response.

Dan Diephouse wrote:
> You can see the schema in the http transport module for more detail, but
> here is a sample:
> <conduit id="{your:service:namespace}EndpointName.http-conduit" xmlns="
>  <client AllowChunking="false"/>
> </conduit> \

Well, that's quite not what I was expecting!  Does the above just go in 
the top level client.xml file? How does that interact with something 
like below, which works with the sample directories? What happens if you 
have both? What takes precedence, if there is precedence?

        <property name="authorization">

> - Dan
> On 2/10/07, Polar Humenn <> wrote:
>> Greetings, what is the way to write XML in a client.xml file that allows
>> me to configure the HTTPClientPolicy for a particular endpoint?  I am
>> having trouble tracking this down. I want to shut off streaming() or
>> chunking which seams to be the default.
>> I have to set some <AllowChunking>false</AllowChunking> item somewhere,
>> but where?
>> Thanks,
>> -Polar

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