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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: Client API, EPRs
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2007 18:58:12 GMT
On Tuesday 27 February 2007 11:05, Dan Diephouse wrote:
> This brings up the question in my mind of whether or not we really want
> to use EndpointReferenceType throughout the codebase. I'm uncomfortable
> with the way things stand as
> - EndpointRefenceType has an ugly API. It is not easy to create an EPR
> from a String/URL and I think it should be doable via a constructor.
> (Yeah, we can create factories, but thats ugly and it still doesn't make
> retrieving values friendlier).
> - We seem to have an odd mixture of EndpointReferenceTypes and
> EndointInfos going on in our transport interfaces. On some methods we
> require both. It seems like it should be either one or the other.
> - WIth that said, using an EndpointInfo is odd to me as thats part of
> the service model. Using an EPR seems unnatural for reasons I state
> above.
> Whats the advantage of using EndpointReferenceType throughout the
> codebase as opposed to our own class?

The main advantage is that it's schema driven/jaxb generated and can be 
written/read directly via normal JAXB operations.   It also means it 
should (in theory) be easy to convert to/from other implementations (like 
the JAX-WS 2.1 EndpointReference).

Contrary to what Eoghan said, the JAX-WS EndpointReference is actually LESS 
friendly.   It doesn't provide ANY access to any of the information other 
than a "write(Result)" method to write it to a Result.    The 
only "constructor" is:
EndpointReference readFrom(Source eprInfoset)
The main thing the JAX-WS stuff has is methods to automatically create 
proxies and for the EndpointReferences and to create EndpointReferences 
from the Service and such.

Is there a way to get JAXB to generate it as "AbstractEPR" and then provide 
a concrete class that subclasses it that the ObjectFactory would create?   
We could provide a bunch of utility constructors, methods, etc...    I 
think I need to read the jaxb extensor stuff a bit more.

J. Daniel Kulp
Principal Engineer
P: 781-902-8727    C: 508-380-7194

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