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From "Soltysik, Seumas" <>
Subject JMX Changes
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2007 01:17:24 GMT
I would like to propose a few changes to the current JMX functionality.

Currently, to register an object as an MBean in CXF the following steps must occur (see InstrumentationManagerTest):

1)Get a handle to EventProcessor extension
2)Create an Event wrapping the object you want to expose as an MBean
3)Send Event to EventProcessor
4)This event will be picked up by a Listener(InstrumentationManagerImpl), which is responsible
for passing it on to the JMXManagedComponentManager only if the manager is in fact instantiated(i.e.
the system actually has instantiated an MBeanServer).
5)The JMXComponentManager then creates a ModelMBean based upon the annotations associated
with the original object sent as part of the original event.

I don't see that event framework(EventProcessor, EventListener) plays an important role in
registering an MBean. I would like to see a simpler set of steps:

1)Get a handle to JMXManagagedComponentManager (maybe change name to MBeanServerFacade) directly
from Bus extension map. The manager would contain config/policy info indicating whether a
user actually wants to have an MBeanServer instantiated or not. This is already being done
in the Listener(InstrumentationManagerImpl) but should be moved to the Manager(JMXManagagedComponentManager
). If the MBeanServer has not been initialized, then the calls to registerMBean() are a no-op.
2)call Manager.registerMBean()

In addition, the current framework requires the following before two interfaces to be implemented,
InstrumentationFactory and Instrumentation  in order to expose an object as an MBean(see WorkQueueManagerImpl).
The InstrumentFactory interface provides for the creation of an Instrumentation object. The
EventListener registered with the EventProcessor calls createInstrumentation() on the Factory.
The Instrumention object is assumed to contain JMX annotations which are used to create a
DynamicMBean. The Instrumentation interface essentially provides a way to generate a unique
ObjectName for MBean being registered.

Without the Event framework being part of the process of registering an Object as an MBean
the InstrumentFactory interface does not play a real role. Only the Instrumentation interface
is of value. Currently this interface looks like this: 

public interface Instrumentation {

     * get the Instrumentation Name, this name is base on class 
     * which implement instrumentation interface
     * @return the instrumentation name      
    String getInstrumentationName();    
     * get the instrumentation managed component  
     * @return the Component object reference 
    Object getComponent();
     * get the unique Instrumentation Name, this name is base on class instance
     * which implement instrumentation interface
     * @return the instrumentation name and instance number  
    String getUniqueInstrumentationName();

I would like to see it changed to this:

public interface Instrumentation {

    ObjectName getObjectName();

With these changes, to register an Object as an MBean a user would do the following:

1)Add annotations to the class that they want instrumented
2)Implement getObjectName() operation on class so that a unique ObjectName is returned for
each instance registered as an MBean.
3)call registerMBean(Intrumentation) directly on JMXManagedComponentManager

Alternatively a user can provide their own ObjectName if they don't want to implement the
Instrumentation interface on the class that is being wrapped by the MBean. So the following
steps would suffice:

1)Add annotations to the class that they want instrumented 
2)call registerMBean(Object, ObjectName) directly on JMXManagedComponentManager

Actually an even better idea would be if we could leverage the MBeanInfoAssembler classes
in Spring. This would allow a user to employ a number of different strategies for deciding
how they wanted to specify which operations in  a class are managed. If we did this the call
to register an MBean would look like this:

registerMBean(Instrumentation, MBeanInfoAssembler)
registerMBean(Object, ObjectName, MBeanInfoAssembler)

As a test case for these changes I would like to change the way the WorkQueueManager is registered
as an MBean and I would also like to expose the start()/stop() operations of the Server class
via an MBean.


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