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From "Lin, Bozhong" <>
Subject RE: Next Release
Date Mon, 29 Jan 2007 08:45:42 GMT
I think doing an RC release on or around of March 1 makes sense. I just navigated through JIRA
issues, looks like following items are scheduled for RC release:
- Tooling refactoring
- JAX-WS compliant known issues, one giant step closer to JAX-WS TCK [1]
- Async HTTP server support [2]
- Servlet transport refactoring
- Configuration refactoring
- WCF interop testing - first cut
- Initial WS-Policy support
- Http binding client
- code first cleanup
- Ageis databinding port
- Gazillion bug fixes
Please feel free to add any missing items here. These already consists considerable amount
of changes and it would be nice to make an RC for users to have them. 
[1] Since we still haven't got TCK kit, we can aim to complete TCK kit after RC release, and
hopefully to get it done by GA release.
[2] I heard Willem is going to send out email about Aysyn HTTP server support issue, this
might not be done in time for RC release.


From: Dan Diephouse []
Sent: Sun 12/31/2006 5:22 PM
Subject: Re: Next Release

Two things I want to add to my list:
- WSDL 2 support - or at the very least enough of it implemented that we can
put it in 2.1 without changing APIs.
- Commons HTTP client support. Right now we don't support the myriad of
authentication schemes needed. Commons HTTP is proven and I think we should
support it (even if it is synchronous...)

On 12/31/06, Dan Diephouse <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Well it seems we managed to get our first release out successfully! So I
> suppose its time to start thinking about the next release.
> I personally would like to see us target our next release to be a 2.0release candidate.
Our code is definitely maturing now and I think we'll be
> ready. However, we have some major areas which I see us needing to finish
> before then:
>    - JAX-WS TCK
>    - Tooling Refactor
>    - Port XFire Aegis databinding library
>    - WS-Security & SecureConversation
>    - Async HTTP Server support [1]
>    - Async HTTP Client support [2]
>    - Support content based routing
>    - Soap w/ Attachments
>    - HTTP Binding Client
> Anyone else have any areas I missed? I would be very wary about doing a
> release without any of those items done I think. In addition to those they
> are lots of smaller issues we need to think about. For example:
>    - Configuration (still haven't heard back on my proposal, will
>    kickstart this thread in a bit...)
>    - Binding discovery
>    - RM and removal of interceptors
>    - Code cleanup
>    - and a gazillion other JIRA issues
> Seeing that its nearly the new year, I think this puts us on track to
> start talking about actually doing a release on or around March 1. All
> depends on how quickly we work though :-)
> Thoughts?
> - Dan
> 1. I believe this will be part of the Jetty 6 port Willem is doing.
> 2. I need to check and see what the status of the Jetty 6 HTTP client is
> yet
> --
> Dan Diephouse
> Envoi Solutions
> <>
 | <> 

Dan Diephouse
Envoi Solutions <>  |

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