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From Andrea Smyth <>
Subject Service Model Extension
Date Tue, 16 Jan 2007 14:51:21 GMT
In the context of WS-Policy I have come accross the problem to retrieve 
wsp:Policy or wsp:PolicyReference elements attached not to wsdl:Service, 
wsdl:Port etc elements but appearing as children of the wsdl:definitions 
element. As such they cannot be currently be retrieved from out service 
model. Attached to e.g. a service element that would be possible via
List<UnknowExensibilityElement> extensions = 
for (UnknowExensibilityElement e : extensions) {
if (e.getElementType()).equal(new 
"Policy[Reference]")) {

What do you think about extending the Service Model by something like a 
DescriptionInfo (wsdl 2.0 description <==> wsdl 1.1 definition)

class DescriptionInfo extends AbstractPropertiesHolder {
    // return value of description's name attribute
    String getName() {


   // return list of top level elements (InterfaceInfo, BindingInfo, 
ServiceInfo etc...)
   List<Described> getDescribed() {

class Described extends AbstractPropertiesHolder {
    DescriptionInfo getDescription() {

class ServiceInfo  extends Described {
    // content as before

and same for BindingInfo, InterfaceInfo etc.


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