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From Andrea Smyth <>
Subject Identification of Partial Responses
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2007 09:58:07 GMT
Further to the dicussions on the "JaxwsInterceptorRemoverInterceptor and 
RM" subject on the different ways to identify a partial response I came 
accross an example of application messages with empty soap bodies. This 
is in the org.apache.cxf.systest.basicDOCBare.DOCBareClientServerTest 
system test, where the response to the putLastTradedPrice invocation is 
a soap message with an empty body.
Addressing is not involved.
First off, is the empty ssoap body OK and to be expected?
Secondly, if it is, what should I expect if this client-server setup 
uses addressing and non-anonymous ReplyTo? It seems we can distinguish 
the partial response from the real response not by checking for an empty 
body (regardless if this results in empty of no list content in the 
message) but need to look also at the addressing headers ...
Any ideas?


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