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From Andrea Smyth <>
Subject JaxwsInterceptorRemover and RM
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2007 16:14:35 GMT
I had a look at the use of the JaxwsInterceptorRemover in the RM system 
test. For starters this interceptor (at least at some point) only removd 
one JAXWS specific interceptor - the  SOAPHandlerInterceptor. This was 
necessary before I switched over to the callback based approach to 
logging outbound message. It is not required any more.
In the meantime however, the Holder[In|Out]Interceptors were added, and 
these caused problems for some RM protocol messages (e.g. CreateSequence 
operation). So the JaxwsInterceptorRemover was extended to remove the 
HolderOutInterceptor also.

The ClassCastException seen when the HolderOutInterceptor is on the 
chain can be avoided by checking if outObjects.get(idx) actually IS a 
Holder object.
Before making this change however I'd like to know a little bit more 
about this interceptor:
Is is possible for example to first check if the part is an INOUT 
parameter and only then attempt the cast and store the holder for later? 
Why do we need to store holders for other parameters?

BTW there is one more piece in RM code where interceptors get removed 
from the chain for RM protocol messages: This is in the RMInInterceptor, 
which removes the  (JAXWS frontend specific) WrapperClassInInterceptor 
from the chain. I am looking into what needs to be done to avoid this 
(hence my attempts to generate code from the the wsrm.wsdl - I want to 
compare the resulting service model with the one that is built up 
manually in


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