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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Proposal for porting cxf-rt-transport-http from Jetty5 to Jetty6
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2006 09:56:22 GMT

I am working on porting cxf-rt-transport-http from Jetty5 to Jetty6.
It is hard to just work directly on the cxf-rt-transport-http module. 
Because  it will take some time to finish this task and some other 
modules such as cxf-rt-bindings-http , cxf-systest  are related to this 
transport-http module.
My plan is to add cxf-rt-transport-http2 module for this porting, then 
someone can help me to review it.
My porting schedule will be
1. Copy cxf-rt-transport-http to cxf-rt-transport-http2 module
2. Modify cxf-rt-transport-http2 to use Jetty6's API for this porting
3. Working on my workspace to make sure cxf-rt-bindings-http, 
cxf-systest 's test passed.
4. Run the performance test with the cxf-rt-transport-http2
5. If performance test good, then rm cxf-rt-transport-http,  mv 
cxf-rt-transport-http2 to cxf-rt-transport-http

Any thought ?

I almost finished 1, 2 on my trunck , now I am working on 3 fixing some 
systest error which caused by my porting.
If there is no other objection, I will begin to commit 1, 2 tomorrow.




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