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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: CXF support for Qpid as a JMS transport.
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2006 01:52:27 GMT
Hi Suresh,

CXF's JMS transport is built on the JMS specification, and uses the 
ActiveMQ as the default MessageBroker.
We can easily change the JMS demo from the ActiveMQ to Qpid, because 
Qpid provides a standard JMS interface.
But if we want to use the Qpid's native interface, I think we need to do 
some change on the JMS transport.

So , IMO we can still use the CXF JMS demos by add some options on the 
build.xml or change the default JMS implementation from ActiveMQ to Qpid.
If you want to use Qpid's native interface in CXF transport,  we need to 
build  other  tests/demos  :).

BTW: Can you tell the difference of Qpid's JMS interface and native 
interface? Is there some performance related issue with the JMS interface?


Kodichath, Suresh wrote:

>I want to have support for Apache's Qpid as a transport in CXF. I have
>created an issue for this at
>I am also working on this issue, by using CXF's JMS transport for Qpid
>(Qpid provides both a JMS interface, and a native interface). With the
>JMS transport, I was able to get the CXF JMS samples to work also for
>Qpid, by making some changes to the jms:address element within the wsdl.
>I have added the details on this to JIRA. 
>I would like to get feedbacks on this especially with regards to adding
>tests/demos for this. I could think of 2 choices, one to use the
>existing (ActiveMQ's) JMS tests / demos and extend them for Qpid, the
>other to create new (similar) JMS demos for Qpid. Is there a preferred
>approach for adding tests / demos to multiple transports?.  

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