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From Steve Vinoski <>
Subject Re: Kit testing issues
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2006 03:32:20 GMT
I've looked into this, and it looks like an E4X bug. I'll keep  
looking and if I can find a way to deal with it, I'll post a patch.


On Nov 30, 2006, at 4:50 AM, James Mao wrote:

> Yes, at least we find a work around solution.
> I suspect it's a bug in Rhino , but  i'm not 100% sure about this,
> I write a  test.html and put the code in, still have the same problem,
> without the comment it's ok, add the comment fail, so might be in E4X
> Cheers,
> James.
>> If adding Apache License headers causes program to break, then we  
>> can leave the file without license headers and then add readme or  
>> note somewhere to apply for exemptions. I will take care of the  
>> issue.
>> Regards,
>> Bo
>> James Mao wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>>>> I found following issues:
>>>>> 1. js_provider demo:
>>>>>        [java] Invoking server through Dispatch interface using  
>>>>> SOAPMessage
>>>>>    [java] Response from server: Hi undefined
>>>>>    [java] Invoking server through Dispatch interface using  
>>>>> DOMSource in PAYLOAD Mode
>>>>>    [java] Response from server: Hi Heron
>>>>> The first request return "Hi undefined" , not sure it's  
>>>>> correct. and in server dir, there are three response xml files,  
>>>>> but client side only have two request xml files.
>>>>> I'll looking into this, and will port a system tests for this.
>>> I finally got time to look into the problem, and the problem is  
>>> the GreetMeDocLiteralReq1.xml has Apache license header, and it's  
>>> xml comment, that cause the impl.jsx
>>> can not get the name from (req..ns::requestType)[0];  if we  
>>> remove the comment from the xml, demo works fine, or if we place  
>>> the license header at the end of the xml, that works also fine.
>>> I'm not sure it's the bug in Rhino or something else. i'm not an  
>>> expert on E4X
>>> So my solutions are
>>> 1. Take Apache license header as Apache license footer, not sure  
>>> it's OK in Apache process?
>>> 2. Hard code the response message, not good though.
>>> 3. Ask  JS experts, take time...
>>> Cheers,
>>> James.

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