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From James Mao <>
Subject Re: Kit testing issues
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2006 09:14:22 GMT
>> I found following issues:
>> 1. js_provider demo:
>>        [java] Invoking server through Dispatch interface using 
>> SOAPMessage
>>    [java] Response from server: Hi undefined
>>    [java] Invoking server through Dispatch interface using DOMSource 
>> in PAYLOAD Mode
>>    [java] Response from server: Hi Heron
>> The first request return "Hi undefined" , not sure it's correct. and 
>> in server dir, there are three response xml files, but client side 
>> only have two request xml files.
>> I'll looking into this, and will port a system tests for this.
I finally got time to look into the problem, and the problem is the 
GreetMeDocLiteralReq1.xml has Apache license header, and it's xml 
comment, that cause the impl.jsx
can not get the name from (req..ns::requestType)[0];  if we remove the 
comment from the xml, demo works fine, or if we place the license header 
at the end of the xml, that works also fine.

I'm not sure it's the bug in Rhino or something else. i'm not an expert 
on E4X

So my solutions are
1. Take Apache license header as Apache license footer, not sure it's OK 
in Apache process?
2. Hard code the response message, not good though.
3. Ask  JS experts, take time...


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