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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: ClientImpl - creates a new message ????
Date Mon, 20 Nov 2006 02:25:27 GMT
Hi Edell,

I can't fully get what you said,  but  I can  tell you how the  JMS 
conduit does in  CXF.
In your case , request is send from the conduit and couduit also need to 
handle the server's response.
Current CXF's conduit is the client side sender, the response is handled 
by the stream which set in the conduit send method close method, and the 
outMessage and inMessage's relationship is maintained by exchange.
You can see from JMSOutputStream.handleResponse() for receiving the 
response in the 
The incomingObserver is used to deal with  WS-Address things,  I think 
it you need to implement the request and response first and then work on it.

Here is URL for CXF architecture guide




Nolan, Edell wrote:

>I am trying to port Yoko over from celtix to use cxf.
>In this use case, a Web services client talks to a Web services server
>through the IIOP protocol. Both the client and the server are
>implemented using cxf
>and the IIOP protocol is enabled by installing the Yoko CORBA binding
>into cxf.
>The request is sent from the client to the server and the server has got
>the result and sent
>it back to the client. 
>The problem here is in the CorbaConduit we have a CorbaMessage once I
>OnMessage on the incomingObserver - In the clientImpl in Cxf it creates
>a new message so I end up
>with a CorbaMessage within a CorbaMessage which then contains the
>MessageImpl. My first CorbaMessage
>had a destination etc set which the new message doesn't so I loose all
>this information I need.
>Is it possible to make the creation of the new Message optional ?
>thanks, Edell.

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