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From Freeman Fang <>
Subject Re: JBI Service Engine
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2006 10:54:28 GMT
Hi Nodet,

I am aware of the multiple endpoint could be a potential problem and as 
the comment after channl.accept() I will revisit the code and provider 
multiple endpoint support later on. The basic idea is I should put 
destination and endpoint name into a map, according the endpoint name 
which we can get from the exchange channel we can look up the proper 
destination and do the dispatch properly.

As to input stream we get from JBI destination, it should be xml 
binding(no soap tag in it), so xml relative interceptors could be invoked.

So far as I know, the interceptors is configured according to wsdl file, 
such as using xml inteceptor or soap interceptor, using wrapped 
inteceptor or bare inteceptor, etc. May be in the future we should 
provide more flexible way to config the interceptors.

Thanks very much


Guillaume Nodet wrote:

> I had a brief look at the JBI service engine and I have one question.
> The JBIDestination, when started creates a thread to poll JBI exchanges
> from the DeliveryChannel and dispatch them.  But I think that one 
> destination
> is created for each service deployed, right ?  In this case, the 
> threads will
> compete for jbi exchanges (which is not a problem), but they are not 
> assured
> to receive exchanges for the right service.  If multiple services are 
> deployed,
> they will be given the first available exchange, so there are lots of 
> chances
> that the processing will fail.
> I'm (unfortunately) not very at ease with CXF code, so I may have missed
> something.  Thoughts ?
> Also, I someone could cast some light on what kind of processing is 
> performed
> on the input stream, that would be cool.  Where are the interceptors
> configured ?

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