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From Bozhong Lin <>
Subject Re: Eclipse builds broken again....
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2006 08:32:02 GMT
Sorry about that, guys.  My commit for removing duplicated schema 
partially contributed to the problem. Thanks for fixing up Eclipse build.


Daniel Kulp wrote:
>> The recent changes to grab stuff from the common/metacode dir completely 
>> broke the eclipse setup.   You CANNOT add source and resource
>> directories  outside of the current module.  Eclipse will not allow
>> that.    I'm going  to "undo" those changes for now until someone can
>> figure out something  better.  
> This problem is worse than I thought....
> There are a LOT of files that are doing something like:
> schemaLocation="../../../../../../../../common/metacode/src/main/....."
> That is just as bad.   We need to make sure it's possible to build each 
> module individually.   That's to prove that a developer outside our 
> source tree can do the same thing.   
> For the code generation/xsd/xjb things, what we need to do is register a 
> ResourceResolver on the tools so that locations can be resolved to jars 
> on the classpath.   In the xsd/xjb's, it should be something like:
> schemaLocation="/schemas/wsdl.xsd"
> or similar and the resolver will do a proper "getClass().getResource(...)" 
> thing on it to resolve it.
> IMO, this needs to be fixed for M1.

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