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From Dan Diephouse <>
Subject Re: Servlet Support
Date Sun, 05 Nov 2006 03:47:14 GMT
On second thought, there is more than enough work for two people. In 
XFire we have this thing called an XFireServletController and basically 
what it is is a class that servlets delegate to. One case where this is 
handy is when people use Spring remoting.  In spring you can set up a 
handler mapping which maps URLs to services in essence. In XFire we did 
it like so:

Would you be interested in helping port this from XFire?

We also have a Spring BeanPostProcessor which takes all the JaxWs beans 
in the context and publishes them. This would also be a cool thing to 
have :-)

- Dan

Dan Diephouse wrote:

> Hi Willem,
> I started working on these a bit wednesday and am about 50% done at 
> the moment... If you haven't started on these, maybe I'll just finish 
> them off? I'll see how far I get though... :-)
> - Dan
> Willem Jiang wrote:
>> Hi DanD,
>> I will work on and 
>> Willem.
>> Dan Diephouse wrote:
>>> Servlet support is so fundamental to a web services framework that 
>>> I'm not sure it can wait. I will try to spend some time on it 
>>> today/tonight...
>>> - Dan
>>> Freeman Fang wrote:
>>>> Hi Dan,
>>>> 1. 2. 3. should be fixed in my next commit.
>>>> And I create JIRA task to track multiple endpoints per servlet issue.
>>>> CXF-175 also is a good idea, and we can take CXF-175/192 into 
>>>> account after M1 release
>>>> Thanks very much
>>>> Dan Diephouse wrote:
>>>>> Dan Diephouse wrote:
>>>>>> Hiya,
>>>>>> I started looking at the CXFServlet tonight, but I'm a little 
>>>>>> confused. It seems that doPost/doGet are associated with one 
>>>>>> specific Endpoint (it is a field in the class). This would mean 
>>>>>> that you could only have one endpoint per servlet, which seems 
>>>>>> odd. Can someone shed some light? Are there any tests for this? I

>>>>>> started one using HTTP Unit, but am still trying to figure out 
>>>>>> what is going on.
>>>>>> - Dan
>>>>> Other comments:
>>>>> 1. Lots of ex.printStackTraces() - in fact there are LOTS of these 
>>>>> all throughout the CXF code. When we just let these fly by it can 
>>>>> cause lots of damage to a user's experience as they may not have 
>>>>> any clue what went wrong or we may get stuck in some infinite loop 
>>>>> or something similarly horrible. PLEASE PLEASE rethrow these... 
>>>>> ServletException, Fault, and others all have a constcructor which 
>>>>> takes a Throwable.
>>>>> 2. Minor nitpick but: why are doPost/doGet part of 
>>>>> ServletDestination? It seems like these should be part of 
>>>>> CXFServlet and then when we get a request it should send a Message 
>>>>> to the Destination.
>>>>> 3. Why are we doing JaxWsServiceFactoryBean.create() after we 
>>>>> already created an endpoint/service via new EndpointImpl a few 
>>>>> lines above (170/180ish)??  If you need to access the 
>>>>> EndpointInfo, you can get it via Endpoint.getEndpointInfo()
>>>>> 4. ClassLoaderUtils.loadClass(String name) is around for a reason...
>>>>> 5. What about doDelete/doPut? these are needed for REST
>>>>> 6. This would also be good to have for all our Spring users with 
>>>>> an existing ApplicationContext: 
>>>>> - Dan

Dan Diephouse
(616) 971-2053
Envoi Solutions LLC

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