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From Peter Jones <>
Subject Re: Several questions regarding mtosi_1.1 sample
Date Mon, 20 Nov 2006 15:04:26 GMT

Hi Jervis,

Thanks for pointing these things out.  I forgot to add a readme to the
mtosi_1.1 directory (besides the one in the alarm_retrieval directory).
I think if I add this, it would answer most of your questions.

On Mon, Nov 20, 2006 at 04:33:07AM -0500, Liu, Jervis wrote:
> Hi, I just tried the mtosi_1.1 sample and I've got following questions:
> 1. the structure of this mtosi_1.1 is not very consistent with other samples:
> i. the README for this sample is not located under samples\mtosi_1.1
> directory, instead, it is under samples\mtosi_1.1\README.TXT. This makes
> me wondering what the other directories under mtosi_1.1 are used for, for
> example, the  samples\mtosi_1.1\xsd and samples\mtosi_1.1\code_gen.  The
> README does not provide an answer to this.

Yes, a README in the mtosi_1.1 directory will mention that the wsdl and xsd
subdirectories contain the mtosi wsdls and schemas.  The alarm_retrieval
directory contains a simple sample implementation of an mtosi interface.
And the code_gen directory contains targets for generating code for the
interfaces which don't have a sample implementation.

> ii. Same thing applies to samples\mtosi_1.1\build.xml. Should not we
> provide a build.xml under  samples\mtosi_1.1 directory?
> iii. What's the purpose of samples\mtosi_1.1\code_gen directory? I didn't
> see the build.xml under samples\mtosi_1.1\code_gen is getting called.
> 2. README.
> i. Is it possible to explain briefly what the use of these files under
> samples\mtosi_1.1\xsd and samples\mtosi_1.1\code_gen directory
> ii. The README mentioned "In the "fault" demo" and
> "src/demo/fault/client/". However I can not find this
> file/directory.

Good catch, I will fix the README.

> iii. I am new to MTOSI. It would be very helpful if we can explain briefly
> how this sample structures in the README , and how this sample works
> according to MTOSI. For example, sty like client sends a message(and what
> kind of message) to the server, and the server does sty, then sends back a
> response.

I'll add a README to the mtosi_1.1 directory and hopefully that will
resolve some of the questions.


> Thanks,
> Jervis

Peter Jones
IONA Technologies Inc.
Tel: (w) 709-738-3725 x22 | Fax: 709-738-3745
84-86 Elizabeth Ave. St. John's, NL A1A 1W7 Canada

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