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From "Johnson, Eric" <>
Subject RE: Distribution Thoughts
Date Mon, 16 Oct 2006 21:44:20 GMT
Dan K said: 
> 3) Documentation sucks:  for one way, do this.   Otherwise, do that.
> 4) Support sucks: if a user has a problem, you need to know 
> if they are 
> using the bundled version or the non-bundled version.   

What exactly is the documentation impact of including both types of
jars? I can see where having both would create a bit of a headache in
terms of having duplicate set-up procedures: one for manifest-style and
one for uber-style. Is set-up the only place this will have an impact on
explaining functionality to the user?

> 7) It complicates the "plug-in loading" and dynamic discovery stuff,
> also then complicates the documentation.   Right now, the files 
> a "plugin" (like Yoko) cares about are well defined file names.   
> (META-INF/extensions.xml, bus-extensions.xml, etc...)    We need to
> that, but you cannot do that if you bundle all the plugins together
unless you keep a set of "uber" xml files for the "bundle" which I don't
want to maintain.  (or write a plugin that would "merge" them all)

Does using the uber-style mean needing to rethink the entire config
loading scheme? Does it require that each plug-in (transport, binding,
interceptor) use a uniquely named configuration file? That makes the job
of explaining how to add configuration a little more tedious.
Will someone using the uber-style still be able to add a new transport
or binding without adding it to the uber-jar? Again, that makes the
process a little more complicated and hence harder to document.

I guess my question is: What is the benefit of the uber-jar style? Does
it offer a clear advantage to the manifest-style already in use? Or is
it just personal taste as Oisin pointed out?
If there is a clear advantage to adding the uber-jar, that is big enough
to justify the effort, I'd say it is a good idea to do it. On the other
hand, if it is just a matter of taste/preference, it sounds like a lot
of work for a small return.

Maybe with a good use case the community could make a better judgment
about the requirement and priority of adding the uber-jar to the mix.

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