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From Steve Vinoski <>
Subject REST questions
Date Mon, 30 Oct 2006 02:56:18 GMT
Hi Dan,

So far the CXF REST support is looking good. I have three questions  
about where it might go next.

1. Can you explain in more detail how incoming data for a REST-style  
request is mapped to the arguments that the resource implementation  
receives, and how return values are mapped to responses?

2. You've addressed the "verb" part of REST via the annotations, and  
partly addressed the "noun" part via URI templates. Since REST  
stresses "hypermedia as the engine of application state," have you  
any plans to make it easy for resource implementations to obtain URIs  
for other co-located resources, for example to enable resource  
implementations to easily return documents containing URIs for those  
other resources?

3. Will you be doing anything in the CXF REST support to help a  
resource handle multiple content-types, and if so, what?


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