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From Adrian Skehill <>
Subject Re: [Fwd: Apache CXF Integration with the Eclipse STP]
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2006 10:08:35 GMT
Thanks for this James,

I've created a jira issue [1] so we can thrash out the details on this 
there if required.



James Mao wrote:
> Hi Adrian,
> Sorry about late, the mail server down for days, so we can not reply 
> your mail soon.
> I also think it's straightforward to generate a eclipse plugin to 
> include all the dependency jars.
> And we could use ant or maven to generate the plugin, and you can build 
> by your self, or we can build nightly, and upload to the public site.
> Could you please fire a jira issue.
> Thanks,
> James.
>> Sent this yesterday but no sign of it on the alias so here goes again!
>> Cheers,
>> Adrian.
>> -------- Original Message --------
>> Subject: Apache CXF Integration with the Eclipse STP
>> Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2006 16:27:47 +0100
>> From: Adrian Skehill <>
>> To:
>> CC:
>> Hi There,
>> As part of the ongoing work within the Eclipse SOA Tools Platform (STP)
>> project, we are planning on migrating our Service Creation component to
>> use CXF instead of Celtix 1.0. What we did for Celtix was to commit all
>> the required jars in order to run the code generation into the STP CVS
>> repository. The Eclipse Foundation has a very extensive legal process
>> that needs to be run over all third party committed components and
>> continuing in this way would take a huge amount of time and effort,
>> particularly if the jars that CXF depended on changed. Plus some jars
>> are not re-distributable (e.g. CDDL based libs) which gives us more
>> problems.
>> So, I would like to propose that instead of updating STP to include CXF
>> jars, CXF would create an eclipse plugin that the STP could use to
>> satisfy the dependencies. This plugin would be a very simple wrapper
>> type plugin, and it would only contain the required libs necessary to
>> use the CXF generators and any other components that would benefit from
>> tooling. This plugin would need to be made publicly available for
>> download and we then in STP would put a dependency to bring it in as
>> part of our build / test purposes.
>> This should be a fairly straightforward task to do, and we would be able
>> provide assistance in getting the build system modified to publish the
>> plugin. Anybody who would download the STP would also need to bring in
>> this plugin as we will not be able to ship it without approval from the
>> Eclipse legal department.
>> I'd love to hear back and get the ball moving on this so that then CXF
>> would be able to benefit from integrating with the STP and Eclipse
>> environments.
>> Any comments / thoughts / concerns?
>> Regards,
>> Adrian Skehill.
>> Principal Engineer,
>> IONA Technologies.

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