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From Freeman Fang <>
Subject Re: parameter order in soap messages
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2006 02:40:02 GMT
Hi Peter,

It's should be a bug of runtime, I have created a task on jira to track 
this issue

Thanks very much


Peter Jones wrote:

>Hi there,
>I'm seeing a problem with parameter order in cxf, and just thought I'd
>see if anyone else had any insights.
>Somewhat related to CXF-161, I was messing around with a test wsdl and
>added a parameterOrder attribute to an operation whose output message
>contained both a header part and a response part.  Unfortunately, the
>runtime doesn't quite work correctly when using parameterOrder.  (Often
>cxf won't find the correct method to call on the server side in this
>case).  The BareInInterceptor doesn't seem to account for the
>parameterOrder list when putting together the parameter list which is
>used to invoke on the server - it assumes header parts always come
>after all other parameters.
>I made a few changes in my tree to make sure the parameter list is 
>correctly ordered and that seems to make sure the right method gets
>The problem I'm seeing now though is related to the return type.  In my
>test wsdl, I left the return part unlisted but listed the header part in
>the parameterOrder.
>The issue seems to be that when WSDLServiceBuilder.buildMessage() runs
>for the out message of the operation, the order for the parts it gets
>is 1) header_part 2) return part (since header_part is in the paramOrder
>list but the response part isn't).
>Later, when the BareOutInterceptor.handleMessage() tries to write the
>output arguments, the arguments are in the order 1) return 2) out parameters
>(unfortunately not the same as the MessageParts order and so a problem).
>Not sure if my description makes sense, but I just wanted to see if
>I'm missing something here, or if anyone has any thoughts... :)

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