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From Dan Diephouse <>
Subject Re: Configuration of HTTP
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2006 13:10:32 GMT

Comments inline...
Andrea Smyth wrote:

> Dan Diephouse wrote:
>> One change I made locally is to have 
>> ServiecModelHttpConfiguration.getObject(name) return 
>> endpointInfo.getProperty(name) on line 50 as opposed to returning null.
> Hi Dan,
> IMO that's fine - the only reason that 
> ServiceModelHttpConfigurationProvider returned null for all but the 
> "server" and "client" properties is that up to now we only expected to 
> find values for these two properties in the service model -  if  they 
> are supplied as wsdl extensors.
> If values for these or other properties can also be expected in the 
> EndpointInfo's (or ServiceInfo's) property map, these maps should be 
> consulted also - either by the same provider or a different one.
I guess I'm confused as to why we're taking the provider approach as 
opposed to just doing a lookup on the service model in the http 
transport. Can you maybe shed some light here?

> The reason that only Endpoint info is searched is that the http policy 
> extensors are only registered for the port element (I believe so at 
> least, can't find the registering code at the moment).  But I don't 
> see any reasons for not registering the policies as extensors of the 
> binding or portType elements also (and have the provider look there too).
Yes, I think it'd be beneficial to just have a context hierarchy that 
gets searched (operation->endpoint->binding->service?)

> Andrea.
>> This allows me to do this:
>>        JaxWsServerFactoryBean sf = new JaxWsServerFactoryBean();
>>        sf.setServiceClass(CustomerService.class);
>>        sf.setBindingFactory(new HttpBindingInfoFactoryBean());
>>        sf.setAddress("http://localhost:9001/");
>>        Map<String, Object> props = new HashMap<String, Object>();
>>        props.put("contextMatchStrategy", "stem");
>>        sf.setProperties(props);
>>              ServerImpl svr = (ServerImpl) sf.create();  If someone 
>> can shed some light as to whether this was a good/bad thing to do I'd 
>> appreciate it :-)
>> - Dan
>> Dan Diephouse wrote:
>>> Hiya (CC'ing people directly as the dev list still isn't working)
>>> I was wondering if you could explain the HTTP configuration to me a 
>>> bit. I am looking at changing the "contextMatchStrategy" setting and 
>>> wondering:
>>> 1. How would I change it globally?
>>> 2. How would I change it at the service/endpoint level?
>>> Right now I'm doing this:
>>> ((JettyHTTPDestination) 
>>> server.getDestination()).setContextMatchStrategy("stem");
>>> It works, but its not very Spring amenable. I'm wondering what a 
>>> better way is :-)
>>> There seems to be a ServiceModelHttpConfigurationProvider class that 
>>> looks at the EndpointInfo, but I'm wondering why do we need to 
>>> support multiple configuration providers. Couldn't we  just assume 
>>> that if there is going to be something overriding the configuration 
>>> it will be in the service model? WSDL extensors should end up there, 
>>> as could user configured values. Additionally, I think it would be 
>>> good to check things beside the EndpointInfo, like the Service itself.
>>> Thanks,
>>> - Dan

Dan Diephouse
(616) 971-2053
Envoi Solutions LLC

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