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From Dan Diephouse <>
Subject Need Help with WS-A systest
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2006 05:15:39 GMT
I just committed a bunch of code to enable client side fault handling. I 
got side tracked with correlation, but then decided the crap that I 
wrote was completely unncessary as we're already doing correlation in 
MAPAggregator... Somewhere along the way I seem to have broken WS-A as 
the systest no longer passes, but I can't for the life of me figure out 
what I did.

There were two main changes. First, I set things up so that the 
transport is responsible for correlating the exchange (if possible - 
obviously its not always). This means the transport needs to set both 
the and exchange.inMessage. Setting the 
exchange.inMessage actually does both, so I switched everything to use 

Second, I removed the partial response handling from ClientImpl. As I 
said in the commit message, it seems that the ws-rm implementation 
should provide its own MessageObserver. Or at the very least, we should 
provide some better way of figuring out if its a partial response. One 
option woudl be setting a PARTIAL_RESPONSE property in the message. 
Another would be creating a different message label - i.e. 
exchange.setMessage("partial", message) - and then we can test if the 
received message equals exchange.inMessage. Regardless, I tried adding 
the partial response checking back in and it still didn't work.

Can someone more familiar with the WS-A code help shed some light? I'm 
thoroughly stumped. Most likely I'm doing something insanely stupid :-)

- Dan

Dan Diephouse
(616) 971-2053
Envoi Solutions LLC

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