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From Dan Diephouse <>
Subject Re: Distribution Thoughts
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2006 04:49:37 GMT
I'm fine with whatever for M1, but I think we should evaluate the bundle 
approach for M2.
- Dan

Bozhong Lin wrote:
> I agree with Oisin that there are both pros and cons for "manifest 
> jar" vs "bundled jar", and we should considering both approaches in 
> the medium term. For M1, can we just go ahead with manifest jar 
> approach, as users are waiting for M1 and there is barely enough time 
> for accommodating both approaches?
> I have filed a JIRA for this [1] to be resolved in future milestone.
> Regards,
> Bo
> Oisin Hurley wrote:
>> On 16 Oct 2006, at 21:30, Daniel Kulp wrote:
>>> Well, I'm completely -1 on repackaging into an "uber" jar unless 
>>> there is
>>> a VERY VERY compelling reason to do so, and I don't see one here.
>> I wish I had a dollar for ever time I've been through this
>> 'manifest jar rules', 'manifest jar sucks' argument. I would
>> at least have enough for a round of Vente Skinny Decaf half
>> pump Irish Cream Lattes for the PPMC.
>> There's a number of pros and cons on both sides, and only some of
>> these are actually important to the consumer. Here's the bit where
>> I say 'in my experience':
>> In my experience, there is a phalanx of users that are happy to
>> have a manifest jar as their classpath is small, and they can
>> easily internalize the complete product.
>> In my experience, there is another phalanx of users that bitterly
>> hate manifest jars because they can't find out what is going on.
>> In general people just using the specific technology to make an
>> application fall into the first camp. Also in general, people
>> who are working for ISVs that are forming infrastructure bundles
>> for their own products fall into the second camp. Both of these
>> types of people are important to product/project, so it's a
>> Good Thing not to cause either to be excluded.
>> So, IMHNBO, as a non-committer, would be to consider doing both
>> in the medium term, but for M1 decide what will give a release
>> the best chance to get out ASAP.
>>  cheers
>>   --oh
>> ----
>> Oisín Hurley
>> +353 1 637 2639

Dan Diephouse
Envoi Solutions

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