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From Bozhong Lin <>
Subject outstanding distribution cleanup works [was: Re: M1 TODOs (again)]
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2006 10:08:36 GMT
Hi All,

I have almost finished distribution cleanup related to license/NOTICE 
stuff, so it looks good now with ARAT tool. Following are some 
outstanding distribution cleanup TODOs:
1. remove Rhino XMLBeans from distribution and include a note in readme 
for JavaScript frontend feature
2. remove ActiveMQ from distribution and include a note for JMS 
transport feature. (If there is no objection for removing it from 
3. Unpackaging CXF to an installation directory name with a version#
4. change distribution package format to be ZIP/Tgz instead of JAR. (If 
there is no objection)
5. As part of cleanup, I am going to remove Maven installation from 
trunk. I don't think it makes sense to include Maven installation in CXF 
repository and removing it will reduce source code download for 
developers also. If you are pointing your MVN_HOME directory 
trunk/maven, they you need to move Maven installation to other directory 
and point MVN_HOME to new installation directory.
6. As part of cleanup, I will restructure "trunk/systemtests" and 
"trunk/test" modules. "trunk/systemtests" will contain following new 
1) trunk/systemtests/features: including all system test cases under 
current "trunk/systemtests" module. ONLY this part of system test cases 
will be included in part of development build lifecycle.
2) trunk/systemtests/performance: including all performance test cases
3) trunk/systemtests/interop: inclduing all interop test cases, such as 
Axis interop, .NET interop, and WSA interop.
7. The obsolete "trunk/src" directory will be remove. "mvn site" does 
not requirement any information under that directory any more.

Please let me know if you have suggestions on above items, otherwise, I 
will start working on it a couple days later.


Dan Diephouse wrote:
> Hiya,
> Some of us from CXF met up today and talked about things we need to do 
> yet before we can do M1. Here are some of the things we came up with:
> - Rhino can't be included in distribution
> - Fault handling on client side
> - Licensing
>  - NOTICE files
>  - schemas should have appropriate license (w3c?)
>  - performance test licenses (Bo)
> - Documentation
> - Interop testing with Axis and .NET
> - Content-Type
> - Faults need 500 status code
> - Basic authentication
> - Support ?wsdl
> - Session Management?
> - SAAJ Handlers?
> - Drop StreamHandler demos
> - WS-Addressing interop?
> Anyone else have additional issues for inclusion?
> - Dan

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