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From Jiang Ning <>
Subject Re: Accounts, Commit Karma & PPMC membership for CXF
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2006 01:03:18 GMT
Hi Kev,

Since you have strong WS background, I  1+  for you to become a cxf 


Kevin Conner wrote:

> Kevin Conner wrote:
>> Can I have commit access please?
> Apologies, I should have introduced myself to the group.
> I currently work for Red Hat, as part of the JBoss division.  I joined 
> JBoss as part of an acquisition when JBoss acquired transaction 
> management technology from Arjuna.  I am part of the transaction and 
> ESB teams and am the lead for WS-TX.
> I started work as a kernel developer, writing fault tolerant network 
> and SCSI drivers for a company that was later acquired by Sun.  I have 
> been using Java since 1995.  Most of the development has been on the 
> enterprise side with some GUI work (swing, AWT, SWT).
> As part of the work with Arjuna/JBoss/Red Hat I have implemented WS-TX 
> and WS-TX1.1, WS-ADDR 2004 and WS-ADDR 2005.  I have taken part in 
> interops for WS-ADDR 2005, WS-TX and currently finishing WS-TX1.1.
> I have written a small SOAP stack based on StAX, currently used by the 
> WS-TX implementation.  It is similar to XFire but not as sophisticated.
> I hope this helps people to understand some of my background.
>     Kev

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