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From Mika Göckel <>
Subject Re: Accounts, Commit Karma & PPMC membership for CXF
Date Sat, 07 Oct 2006 21:42:34 GMT

I'm mikagoeckel everywhere :-)


Dan Diephouse schrieb:
> Hi Mika,
> Mika Göckel wrote:
>> Hi Dan,
>> I followed the discussion on incubator-general and I think the way 
>> you/they are dealing with this issue is the most transparent possible.
>> Even if I didn't take part in the discussion myself, I felt somewhat 
>> involved as well.
> Good :-)
>> You know that I haven't been the most active committer of XFire in 
>> the past and I certainly will not be the most active for CXF in the 
>> future as well and you know that it isn't laziness but workload that 
>> holds people like me from taking a bigger piece of the cake. I admire 
>> you and the other very active committers but I have difficulties 
>> following the pace you are moving forward. On the other hand, I find 
>> it indispensible to have a very diverse community including people 
>> only stepping in occasionally -- like myself.
> Agreed about having a diverse community. Not everyone can be "the most 
> active" committer afterall. People are welcome no matter how big of a 
> chunk they tackle.
>> I've got an apache account already, but I would like to have write 
>> access to the wiki and committer status for JIRA, so that I can be 
>> assigned issues.
> What are your JIRA & Confluence user names? I can give you access, but 
> I need to know them.
>> If you can cope with me being one of the least active committers, I'd 
>> be proud to be a part of the project.
> In that case, welcome aboard :-)
>> Mika
>> Dan Diephouse schrieb:
>>> Hi Everyone,
>>> First, thanks for your patience as we've tried to figure out a 
>>> resolution to the problem of commit rights and CXF. I think we've 
>>> all learned a bit more about the Apache process. (And hopefully 
>>> helped define it a bit better! ;-))
>>> The CXF PPMC/Incubator PMC has passed a resolution on how to move 
>>> forward. Here is what was decided:
>>> 1. The list of committers from the original proposal will stay 
>>> exactly the same.
>>> 2. When you need an account and if you are on the aforementioned 
>>> list, then email the cxf-dev list asking for an account. After 3 +1s 
>>> are tallied, you can email The 3 +1s are needed so 
>>> we are aware when people get accounts and also so you the Apache 
>>> account creator knows that you have been approved for commit karma. 
>>> Public records are a good thing :-)
>>> 3. If you want to be on the PPMC, email the dev list and we will add 
>>> you to the PPMC.
>>> 4. At some future point, yet to be determined (possibly at 
>>> graduation), we will be taking a look at the project membership and 
>>> culling it. This means that if you haven't contributed anything you 
>>> probably aren't going to be part of the graduated Apache project. No 
>>> specific actions are being planned at this point though - we just 
>>> want you to be aware that this may happen in the future. Note that 
>>> this has absolutely nothing to do with not wanting people to be 
>>> involved, its a matter of meritocracy. We do want to get everyone 
>>> involved and I hope we can do so.
>>> With that said, lets get on with it, write code/docs and get M1 out! 
>>> :-D
>>> Cheers,
>>> - Dan
> - Dan

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