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From Dan Diephouse <>
Subject Accounts, Commit Karma & PPMC membership for CXF
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2006 21:35:35 GMT
Hi Everyone,

First, thanks for your patience as we've tried to figure out a 
resolution to the problem of commit rights and CXF. I think we've all 
learned a bit more about the Apache process. (And hopefully helped 
define it a bit better! ;-))

The CXF PPMC/Incubator PMC has passed a resolution on how to move 
forward. Here is what was decided:

1. The list of committers from the original proposal will stay exactly 
the same.

2. When you need an account and if you are on the aforementioned list, 
then email the cxf-dev list asking for an account. After 3 +1s are 
tallied, you can email The 3 +1s are needed so we are 
aware when people get accounts and also so you the Apache account 
creator knows that you have been approved for commit karma. Public 
records are a good thing :-)

3. If you want to be on the PPMC, email the dev list and we will add you 
to the PPMC.

4. At some future point, yet to be determined (possibly at graduation), 
we will be taking a look at the project membership and culling it. This 
means that if you haven't contributed anything you probably aren't going 
to be part of the graduated Apache project. No specific actions are 
being planned at this point though - we just want you to be aware that 
this may happen in the future. Note that this has absolutely nothing to 
do with not wanting people to be involved, its a matter of meritocracy. 
We do want to get everyone involved and I hope we can do so.

With that said, lets get on with it, write code/docs and get M1 out! :-D

- Dan

Dan Diephouse
Envoi Solutions

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