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From Scott Nicholls <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Officially rename the project to Apache CXF
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2006 18:38:30 GMT
+1 (non-binding)

Daniel Kulp wrote:
> I'd like to vote to officially rename the project to Apache CXF.   
> I'm extremely +1.
> There are a lot reasons to do so:  (summary of previous discussions)
> 1) All of our Apache resources are "CXF".   If someone goes to apache to
> looking for CeltiXfire using the "normal Apache" URL's and such, they won't 
> find it.  Example: if they send a note to celtixfire-dev-subsribe, it would 
> bounce, etc...
> 2) Branding - It seems like all of us are calling it CXF in our
> communication. However, the "Apache Branding" would require it to use the
> full project name.  It would be good if it matched to avoid confusion for
> users.    (Example: in a note on the incubator list during the recent
> issues, someone asked why we were calling it CXF.)   Anyway, a lot of people 
> are already associating CXF with the project.   Let's build on that.
> 3) Our package name, jars, install dir, etc.. all use "cxf" right now.   No 
> work would need to be done there.  (I'm lazy, I admit it.)
> 4) No wacky CamelCase spellings to cause confusions and branding issues. 
> (Celtixfire, CeltiXfire, CeltiXFire, etc..)
> 5) Already I18N capable.  :-)     Seriously, we had some chats on IRC
> about "how to pronounce" some of the other ideas.   Example: Apparently the
> word "foam" is hard to pronounce in some locales.   Also, "Celtic" is
> pronounced different in various locales as well.
> 6) Break some ties with the "messes" that we've been involved in.   I keep
> hearing nicknames like "celtic-miss-fire" and such.   That's not good.    The 
> recent events certainly didn't help things.   A semi-clean slate is probably 
> a good idea.   Make them think of new nicknames.   :-)
> 7) However, by keeping the initials, there is "some" tie to the previous 
> projects, but the tie is broken enough to make it clear, this really is 
> something new and better.
> 8) The top two google links for CXF are already our own confluence space.   
> Nice job everyone.   :-)    CXF is an acronym for "Chemical eXchange Format", 
> but that really shouldn't matter for us.
> Thanks!
> --
> J. Daniel Kulp
> Principal Engineer
> P: 781-902-8727    C: 508-380-7194   F:781-902-8001

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