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From Andrea Smyth <>
Subject Re: Binding factory Registration
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2006 07:56:17 GMT
Balaji Ravi wrote:

> Hi,
> I am trying to write a new Binding Factory & getting it registered 
> with the
> bus. I am using a configuration based approach for this & it looks 
> that it
> has been changed over the past week...
> I used to have a bus-extensions.xml file which had my binding factory 
> & the
> namespace that it needed to be registered under but now i see that we 
> have a
> cxf directory with a cxf-extension.xml which does the registration of the
> binding factory... Was it done on purpose? If so, can someone explain the
> reasoning of doing the configuration this way?

Hi Balaji,

This is JIRA CXF-30 - in response to recent discussions on configuration 
in CXF and the decision to adopt an IOC based approach using Spring (see 
While retaining other bus implementations (i.e. the CXF bus, which uses 
the bus-extension.xml file fragments) the Spring based bus is now the 
You MUST provide a Spring beans cfg file (cxf-extension.xml) - and 
optionally may also add the bus-extensions.xml. I don't believe however  
that we can keep the two buses in sync longterm, so don't bother about 
the latter. In any case, it's not like the CXF bus is completely 
independent of Spring - it uses Spring only to inject property values 
into configurable components (but it does not inject dependencies).

> For the soap binding, i see
> both the xml files present in the resources/META-INF directory...
> Also, for creating the service model, i need to register custom 
> extensions
> to the jwsdl model. I see that we have an extensions.xml file in the
> META-INF folder of http transport which contains the mapping for these
> custom extensions for the transports & bindings. Should i also follow a
> similar approach? Is there any way i can do this via code? The problem 
> with
> doing it in code is that when i get my binding factory instantiated, the
> service model has already been built...

To register your extensions up-front, just supply an extensions.xml file 
in META-INF - similar to the ones in rt-transports-http, rt-bindings-xml 
The wsdl manager, when it initializes, grabs all extensions.xml 
properties files and registers the listed extensions.
We should probably replace these properties files by Spring bean files 
(or add appropriate bean definitions to cxf-extension.xml files) so that 
by default we are only dealing with one file format. Not urgent though.


> Thanks
> Balaji

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