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From Mark Little <>
Subject Re: Accounts, Commit Karma & PPMC membership for CXF
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2006 09:08:48 GMT
Darn. Must remember to read all emails before replying ;-)

I currently work for Redhat as Director of Standards and Development  
Manager for the TS and ESB products. Prior to Redhat (JBoss) I was  
Chief Architect for Arjuna Technologies, a spin-off from HP, that  
specialised in distributed transaction and reliable messaging  
technologies in CORBA, J2EE and Web Services. I've been involved in  
Web Services standards and development since 1999/2000. Currently I'm  
on the W3C WS-A, WS-Policy and WS-Choreo committees, and more OASIS  
committees than I can remember!

At Arjuna I was one of the primary authors of the OASIS WS-CAF  
specifications (with IONA and Oracle) and am one of the primary  
authors of the WS-TX specifications (WS-C, WS-AT and WS-BA) from  
Arjuna, IBM, MSFT, IONA, BEA. I also dabbled in product development,  
with the Arjuna Transaction Service (which is now in open source)  
which has support for CORBA, J2EE and Web Services transactions  
within it. While working on some of this stuff I implemented the 2004  
WS-Addr specification, WS-TX 1.0 and WS-CAF. Also taking part in many  
interoperability workshops.

I was a Distinguished Engineer at Hewlett-Packard prior to Arjuna,  
where I ran the transaction group for HP. We implemented the worlds  
first Web Services transaction product (HP-WST) back in 2001 and did  
interoperability work with Microsoft. I also helped develop HP's SOAP  
stack, as well as continue the evolution of the Hewlett-Packard  
Transaction Service (aka Arjuna Transaction Service). Prior to all  
this, I had another start up (Arjuna Solutions) where I developed  
CORBA and J2EE transaction products.

I've presented at many conferences/workshops, written several books,  
dozens of papers and articles on subjects as diverse as quantum  
mechanics and fault tolerant distributed systems.

That's about it in a nutshell, except to say that I'll be glad to help,


On 10 Oct 2006, at 17:38, Kevin Conner wrote:

> Kevin Conner wrote:
>> Can I have commit access please?
> Apologies, I should have introduced myself to the group.
> I currently work for Red Hat, as part of the JBoss division.  I  
> joined JBoss as part of an acquisition when JBoss acquired  
> transaction management technology from Arjuna.  I am part of the  
> transaction and ESB teams and am the lead for WS-TX.
> I started work as a kernel developer, writing fault tolerant  
> network and SCSI drivers for a company that was later acquired by  
> Sun.  I have been using Java since 1995.  Most of the development  
> has been on the enterprise side with some GUI work (swing, AWT, SWT).
> As part of the work with Arjuna/JBoss/Red Hat I have implemented WS- 
> TX and WS-TX1.1, WS-ADDR 2004 and WS-ADDR 2005.  I have taken part  
> in interops for WS-ADDR 2005, WS-TX and currently finishing WS-TX1.1.
> I have written a small SOAP stack based on StAX, currently used by  
> the WS-TX implementation.  It is similar to XFire but not as  
> sophisticated.
> I hope this helps people to understand some of my background.
> 	Kev

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