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From Oisin Hurley <>
Subject Re: Distribution Thoughts
Date Mon, 16 Oct 2006 21:02:22 GMT

On 16 Oct 2006, at 21:30, Daniel Kulp wrote:

> Well, I'm completely -1 on repackaging into an "uber" jar unless  
> there is
> a VERY VERY compelling reason to do so, and I don't see one here.

I wish I had a dollar for ever time I've been through this
'manifest jar rules', 'manifest jar sucks' argument. I would
at least have enough for a round of Vente Skinny Decaf half
pump Irish Cream Lattes for the PPMC.

There's a number of pros and cons on both sides, and only some of
these are actually important to the consumer. Here's the bit where
I say 'in my experience':

In my experience, there is a phalanx of users that are happy to
have a manifest jar as their classpath is small, and they can
easily internalize the complete product.

In my experience, there is another phalanx of users that bitterly
hate manifest jars because they can't find out what is going on.

In general people just using the specific technology to make an
application fall into the first camp. Also in general, people
who are working for ISVs that are forming infrastructure bundles
for their own products fall into the second camp. Both of these
types of people are important to product/project, so it's a
Good Thing not to cause either to be excluded.

So, IMHNBO, as a non-committer, would be to consider doing both
in the medium term, but for M1 decide what will give a release
the best chance to get out ASAP.


Oisín Hurley
+353 1 637 2639

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