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From Peter Jones <>
Subject parameter order in soap messages
Date Wed, 25 Oct 2006 04:47:08 GMT

Hi there,

I'm seeing a problem with parameter order in cxf, and just thought I'd
see if anyone else had any insights.

Somewhat related to CXF-161, I was messing around with a test wsdl and
added a parameterOrder attribute to an operation whose output message
contained both a header part and a response part.  Unfortunately, the
runtime doesn't quite work correctly when using parameterOrder.  (Often
cxf won't find the correct method to call on the server side in this
case).  The BareInInterceptor doesn't seem to account for the
parameterOrder list when putting together the parameter list which is
used to invoke on the server - it assumes header parts always come
after all other parameters.

I made a few changes in my tree to make sure the parameter list is 
correctly ordered and that seems to make sure the right method gets

The problem I'm seeing now though is related to the return type.  In my
test wsdl, I left the return part unlisted but listed the header part in
the parameterOrder.

The issue seems to be that when WSDLServiceBuilder.buildMessage() runs
for the out message of the operation, the order for the parts it gets
is 1) header_part 2) return part (since header_part is in the paramOrder
list but the response part isn't).

Later, when the BareOutInterceptor.handleMessage() tries to write the
output arguments, the arguments are in the order 1) return 2) out parameters
(unfortunately not the same as the MessageParts order and so a problem).

Not sure if my description makes sense, but I just wanted to see if
I'm missing something here, or if anyone has any thoughts... :)


Peter Jones
IONA Technologies Inc.
Tel: (w) 709-738-3725 x22 | Fax: 709-738-3745
84-86 Elizabeth Ave. St. John's, NL A1A 1W7 Canada

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