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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: Distribution Thoughts
Date Mon, 16 Oct 2006 17:39:45 GMT

> I just downloaded our distribution SNAPSHOT [1] and poked around a bit.
> First let me say, great work - its looking quite good! However, I think
> we need to address a few items before we're ready for a release:
>     * Why is it a JAR and not a ZIP/Tgz? I personally don't like it and
>       I doubt the incubator will be very keen on it either. For one it
>       extracts a META-INF directory which is annoying and for two it
>       isn't very friendly to users. I would be much more in favor of
>       both a zip/tgz distribution.

It's a self running jar.   java -jar cxf-.......jar

The purpose is that it handles the CR/LF things for windows/unix without 
worrying about windows kits builtin on Linux and vice versa.  It also 
checks the JDK version and other verifications.   Long term, we want to 
update that with simple "options" that the installer can ask for.  
(like "Install JCA support?  (Y/n)").

>     * The archive should expand into the directory
>       cxf-2.0-incubator-VERSION. Not doing so is highly frowned upon at
>       Apache. bin, docs, lib, dirs should be include in this directory.

I need to check the new versions of the maven assembly plugin.   For a 
while, this was NOT easy to do with the assembly plugin.   When the 
version number changed, we'd have to edit the assembly as well as the pom 
properties were not available in the assembly.    I don't know if that 
has changed yet or not.

>     * Whats the cxfinstaller for?

That's the installer.   See point (1).

>     * I'm very wary about not putting a version # on cxf-incubator.jar.
>       I don't think the incubator will like it and I don't buy the
>       argument about having build scripts depending on
> cxf-incubator.jar and having to change the version # every time. People
> can always include cxf-incubator-*.jar from ant to pick up any version
> or they can copy cxf-2.0-incubator-M1-SNAPSHOT to cxf.jar

It's not ANT/Maven that I worry too much about.  It's shell scripts 
and "startup" scripts that are usually the problems.   Many of those 
WON'T expand a "*".

It SHOULDN'T be a problem since many of the non-maven incubator projects 
(or apache projects) don't put the version number in.   Example: woden 
doesn't, wsdl4j doesn't, xerces doesn't, xalan doesn't, etc...

>     * Instead of having cxf-*.jar in lib, I think they should be in
> some other directory like "cxf-individual-modules/" so people don't
> include both the bundled jar and the individual modules.

Can you get maven to generate the cxf-incubator manifest jar that points 
to jars in another directory?   If so, I'm OK.   At the time we set this 
up, that was all we could get it to do.

> * Do we have 
> to distribute activemq?

For the JMS examples to work "out of the box", yes.   That said, if the 
readme had instructions for obtaining ActiveMQ, I'd be OK as well.

>     * avalon-framework isn't being properly excluded
>     * XmlSchema needs to be updated to version 1.1

Just update the top level pom.xml files for those and retest.  

>     * Why is concurrent included?

The activemq dependency sucks that in.

>     * Why is Velocity included?

Code gens need velocity.

>     * Why are maven-* and wagon included?
>     * Why is XMLBeans 2.1.0 included?

These are sucked in from the dependency on the maven plugin.   That said, 
the bin distribution doesn't need the maven plugin packaged with it.


J. Daniel Kulp
Principal Engineer
P: 781-902-8727    C: 508-380-7194   F:781-902-8001

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