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From "Jim Ma" <>
Subject RE: Tooling Proposal [was Re: tooling and service model]
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2006 09:45:22 GMT
Hi Dan , 

It looks like a very good plan. Just some concerns about item 6.
[1]  Now wsdl2java can generate ant build.xml for user.   ASFAIK  with code model it  will
take more effort to do this . 

[2]  If java2wsdl use the service model  as mediate model to generate wsdl, service model
also need to refactor to contain extra information for  wsdl .  



> Here is what I'm proposing:
>    1. Rewrite the generation part of the tooling to use the Service
>       model instead of the wsdl. This would involve using the
>       ServiceFactory to build a ServiceModel and then writing out class
>       files from there.
>    2. Have tools depend on the core for the service model and put each
>       frontend's generation plugins in the frontend themselves. Moving
>       the service model to a separate module or common doesn't make any
>       sense whatsoever because we still need to depend on the
>       ServiceFactorys which are in the frontend, so there will be a
>       dependency on core.
>    3. Add SOAP 1.2 support to the SoapBindingFactory
>    4. Add WSDL 2 support to the core (WSDL2ServiceBuilder, etc)
>    5. Do this refactoring in a tools2 module. While I don't anticipate
>       that this is a lot of work, this will help us get around the
>       circular dependency issues and allow us to temporarily break a few
>       things.
>    6. Extra credit: use the CodeModel from Sun instead of our own.
>       Having our own creates unnecessary work and it is also too tied to
>       JAX-WS to be useful outside of it. If you look at JAXB, a whole
>       host of plugins have arose partly because they use this code model
>       that anyone can plug into. As its really not a lot of work to use
>       it instead of our, I think we should.
> I think we can do this relatively easily and its not as big a deal as 
> people are making it out to be. The Celtix tooling is good, and I don't 
> want to rewrite it all, I merely want to evolve it.

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