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From Mark Little <>
Subject Re: Pre-requisite for WS_RM: WS_Addressing etc
Date Fri, 08 Sep 2006 11:59:36 GMT

On 8 Sep 2006, at 12:36, Glynn, Eoghan wrote:

> Jervis,
> I'm working on WS-Adressing support. The current status is that the
> SOAP-specific piece is complete and committed, and I'm working on the
> SOAP-independent bit.

Eoghan, let me know if you want to test this out at some point for  
interoperability. We still have our endpoint from when we took part  
in the TC interoperability meeting earlier this year and can work  
with you on any issues that may arise.


> The other main prerequisite for RM is decoupled response correlation,
> which I intend to work on next week.
> One final issue we probably want to address also is that all the
> interceptor chain participation is currently API-driven - i.e.
> inpterceptors are added to the relevant chains programmatically via
> InterceptorProvider.get{In|Out|Fault}Interceptors().add() as  
> opposed to
> a configuration-driven mechanism. The latter will be increasingly  
> called
> for in order to engage the RM interceptors, as one of the goals of
> Celtix RM support was to allow reliability to be introduced without  
> any
> changes to application code. So maybe a config mechanism for  
> interceptor
> chains would be a good initial task for you?
> Cheers,
> Eoghan
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Liu, Jervis
>> Sent: 08 September 2006 10:54
>> To:
>> Subject: Pre-requisite for WS_RM: WS_Addressing etc
>> Hi, I am very interested in getting myself involved in
>> WS-ReliableMessaging support
>> ( As a
>> pre-requisite, I wonder what the status of WS_Addressing is,
>> so that I can plan WS_RM work properly into CXF milestone
>> one. Also is there anything else I should be aware of that
>> might impact the delivery of WS_RM? Thanks.
>> Cheers,
>> Jervis

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